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How to Win with Girls Who Play Games

how to win with girls who play gamesYou might be wondering, “How can I win with girls who play games?” You’re not alone in that regard.

In the early years of the 2000′s, $9.8 billion were spent on video games annually. And 42% of gamers play online for a number of hours each week. Some research statistics show that 43% of those gamers are women. So while you’re slaying demons and shooting terrorists, there’s a really good chance at getting a date. As long as you know the rules for attracting girls who play games, you’ll be leveling up socially in no time.

4 Tips to Winning with Girls Who Play Games

First, when selecting a screen name for your online endeavors, choose something cool and memorable and try to reduce dependence on numbers and special characters. If your fellow gamers only know you as DnZ!45, that makes it challenging to think of you as a real human being they would like to meet in real life.

Second, choose your avatar carefully. Be sure to select an image that reflects the persona you want to present to the world. On different games or platforms, try to split test your avatar to see which one gets the most comments and attention.

Third, be sure that your online pals know you have other things to do than play games. Although it can be enticing to spend 23 hours a day online when there’s a gamer girl you’re interested in, you should not let this interfere with leading a full and challenging life. Let her know that you’re going to the gym, taking a class, playing in a sports league, and so forth.

Fourth, be unavailable. Although this can seem counterintuitive, it’s actually a positive thing if she logs on and sees that you are inactive. Like the suggestion above, being unavailable shows that you have a full life and that you’re out doing cool things. If she logs on at 1pm and you’re not there, don’t fret. You’ll catch up with her soon.

These are just the introductory steps to attracting girls who play games. You can get tons more cheat codes to attraction by checking out the Stylelife Academy.

The average video gamer thinks his hobby is something that will hinder his success with women. But you’re not the average gamer. You’re the guy with the consistently high score rankings, the guy who finishes the game in record time. And you’re the guy who can mix your socializing goals with your video game hobbies. Just follow the easy steps (like employing a special pattern to power up) to get girls who play games.

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